From date of shipment, Smart Qubix B.V. offers a one (1) year limited warranty against defects in the hardware.

The warranty only applies to the original buyer.

Smart Qubix B.V. will replace the defective unit at no cost during the Warrantee Period with either a new unit or a refurbished unit if a valid warranty claim is received.

The warranty can be claimed by filling out a RMA FORM. Together with this RMA form a copy of invoice (proof of purchase) must be sent to support@smartqubix.com.

The limited warranty does not cover physical damage, damage due to abuse or modifying the unit.



Smart Qubix B.V. offers an extended warranty for the second year of ownership. This extended warranty can be purchased as an accessory. The extended warrantee must be purchased within 3 months after registration of the product concerned. 

When a unit fails, Smart Qubix B.V. will replace the unit for a new or refurbished one, provided the failure is not a result of abuse or modification to the unit. The shipping cost are borne by the buyer.